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Whenever I told anyone, anyone at all, that I was traveling to Bali when I’m 34 weeks pregnant, their first reaction would be, “But why?” And after flying over 2000km there, and back, my advice to any heavily pregnant lady is: Don’t travel in your last trimester unless absolutely necessary. Yes I know, doh? It just did not occur to me, how fatigued and snappy I’d be, especially when we brought Lauren and Joshie with us. They are so cute yes, but rascals will always be rascals yea? Especially when they are confined to just 1-metre-square of space for 2.5 hours! → Read more

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Ok. Papa Ray told me that I should be blogging more about our products, formulations and ingredients, especially our pride, Baby Eczema Miracle Balm. So here goes. → Read more

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