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Baby Eczema Miracle Balm Natural Cure & Relief

Ok. Papa Ray told me that I should be blogging more about our products, formulations and ingredients, especially our pride, Baby Eczema Miracle Balm. So here goes.

Today, I’d like to talk about our bestseller, Baby Eczema Miracle Balm. Since I founded Jo Lauren based on this product, I guess it makes sense to start a series with it. Well, most people know that Baby Lauren had bad baby eczema when she was born, but I never quite elaborated on how bad it was, how it all began, how I formulated a natural cure for her baby eczema and how it still managed to come back after 1 year.

Papa Ray and Mama Jo, ie myself, do not have any history of eczema. So assuming our baby girl will inherit our, “lup sup jia, lup sup dua,” genes, we didn’t bother with her bath products and toiletries. Back then, I purchased a very popular “natural/organic” skincare and bath brand products, based on the recommendation of friends and family, and allowed the confinement lady (CL) to bathe Lauren.

Turns out, the CL was pouring and diluting the bodywash into Lauren’s bath water! And soaking her inside without doing a final rinse when she was done. Well, on hindsight, I would have never allowed that to happen but I didn’t expect Lauren to have the most hypersensitive skin on earth. Ok may be not, but her skin reacts immediately if the product has allergenic ingredients. And you can imagine what happened by the end of my 6 weeks confinement.

baby eczema miracle cure

This was at Baby Lauren’s full month party.

And this was just the beginning. Her baby eczema just worsened as the days went by, and I tried many different products, organic, dermatologist recommended etc, hoping for a miracle. By the time she was 6 months, her baby eczema had become lobster red patches on her cheeks, joints, body and legs, which itched so much, she scratched until her cheeks bled.

Papa Ray used to come home every day and question me regarding her skin. I’m from the skincare industry so how come I can’t fix her skin? Even strangers came up to me and asked me what’s going on and whether I’ve brought her to the doctor. I almost went into depression, feeling like I had caused Lauren to be disfigured. She’s a girl, her face is important you know.

Then I prayed. I cried and prayed to God to help Lauren. And I’m not sure what happened but I actually decided to make a simple moisturizer as a natural baby eczema miracle cure, based on what I knew regarding natural herbs and oils from my product formulation days. It took just 1 try and I had the balm in my hand. Then I applied it on Lauren. For the first time ever, she didn’t scream out in pain when I applied a product onto her eczema wounds.

But what was most amazing, was within just a few hours, the patches were no longer lobster red but just slightly red. I reapplied and the patch became less red. I thought to myself, “Wow! Thank God!” It wasn’t easy, because every day, the patches would flare up, due to whatever reasons, but one thing was consistent: As long as I applied the balm, the redness would subside. After a few weeks, the patches were no longer red, but her skin was very rough. I persisted on applying since nothing else would work, so might as well just keep moisturizing her skin. I remember one fine morning, I woke up and her cheeks were no longer rough but smooth. So smooth, baby smooth. I felt like crying because I knew it was a miracle. And the Lord has proven Himself able and faithful to answer prayers. Hallelujah!

And that is why, I called it, Baby Eczema Miracle Balm.

So you’d think after healing her skin, she’d have no more flare ups? I thought so. Lauren didn’t have any more flare ups or baby eczema patches until she entered Playgroup. Within a week, she came back with her forehead filled with red and angry rashes. I was like, “Oh no, you gotta be kidding me.” How could that be? I’ve been applying the Miracle Balm on her, twice every single day!

I decided to ask what’s going on and turned out, the teachers were bathing her everyday and using bath products on her! Not even skincare creams or lotions, just shampoo only! Which they rinsed off! So I told them that Lauren has hypersensitive skin so please stop everything and just use water will do. True enough, it took another week after stopping the shampoo, and religiously applying of Miracle Balm to clear up the nasty baby eczema rashes.

Nothing happens without reason and I believe that’s a lesson for me. That it’s important to identify the eczema/rash trigger, and to remove it completely if I wish to help other babies recover from debilitating eczema/rashes. As long as the trigger irritant/allergen is still around, my products will not be able to help. That includes creams and lotions that contain allergenic ingredients like fragrances, coloring, additives, preservatives etc and of course, surfactants and lousy soap. In that case, we were blessed that we could easily single out the trigger, I believe it may not be as straightforward in some cases, but we all try our best to identify so.

That’s why I strongly recommend mummies not to use any bath/shower products for their babies up to 1 years old. Babies have super delicate and thin skin, so any kind of surfactant can really cause dryness and atopic eczema.

Well, I only use my castile foamy wash on Lauren twice a week! And Lauren is already turning 2! Water is fine, at least it doesn’t irritate skin! After using water, just pat dry and moisturize with our Baby Eczema Miracle Balm. For those who wish to have a moisturizing bath for their babies, try our Baby Colloidal Oatmeal Bath Bags. Those do not contain any form of soap/surfactant, so it’s going to be very soothing for babies’ delicate skin.

So yup, I’d share more regarding the Baby Colloidal Oatmeal Bath Bags in my next post. For now, I hope you enjoy using our products. And thank you so much for your kind support! I think Lauren is very blessed and deeply loved by Jesus, seeing how God healed her skin and we praise God every day for the perfect gifts He’s given us, to share with all of you. I leave you with a few gratuitous photos of my darling sweet pea. God bless!

My baby eczema miracle baby!

baby eczema miracle natural cure


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